General Resources

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If you are looking for more information and support in your chronic illness journey, I recommend the websites listed below – I’ve found each of them very useful in one way or another for myself or people I know and I hope they help you too. (Disclaimer: Sick and Fabulous takes no responsibility for any content on the listed websites. Follow the advice therein at your own risk).


  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease has tons of great information about all the different types of inflammatory bowel diseases and should be one of the first stops for people who are new to this life.
  • Gutsy by Nature has great recipes to help you if you’re following (or considering following) an anti-inflammatory diet for your IBD, like the AIP or SCD protocols.
  • Lyme Disease org is a great resource if you have recently been diagnosed and are feeling lost or unsure of the basics surrounding Lyme disease.
  • It’s Nicole Carman blogs about mental illness/health in an honest and down to earth way that I really appreciate. Mental health can be a challenge for anyone but those with chronic illnesses are especially prone to difficulties. This blog might just be the support you need. (P.s. Nicole is also super active and responsive on her twitter account at ItsNicoleCarman )